Sep 182014

Do you like skyscrapers? Do you live in a city with lots of tall buildings? After a long time without many skyscrapers, now more and more are appearing on the London skyline.
While some love them and their fun nicknames, like the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie and the Cheese Grater, many Londoners are worried by the new trend of building in the capital.
Join Rob and Neil to find out more and learn some language related to towns and buildings.

When was St Paul’s Cathedral completed? In:
a) 1508
b) 1608
c) 1708


Vocabulary and definitions
quirky: unusual and odd, but in a good way
modest: quite small or insignificant compared with other things of the same type
dwarfed: made to seem small compared to something else
sprung up: suddenly appeared
irreverently: without showing proper respect
obstruct: stop, block, or make something difficult to do
plain: very; used for emphasising the adjective that follows it
tide: (here) increasing amounts of something
thrown up: built or made quickly and without much care
(to have) a head for heights: a feeling of being comfortable in high places

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