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In this week’s 6 Minute English – What are managers for? transcript video:
We have all experienced working for a manager – or a boss. There are so many of them! In the UK there are over 5 million of them.
Rob and Finn discuss what managers are for, ask if there are too many of them and wonder if some job titles make people look like a manager – when really they are not.

This week’s question:
Who was the world’s highest paid football manager in 2012? Was it:
a) Sir Alex Ferguson
b) Jose Mourinho
c) Fabio Copello


What are managers for?

Vocabulary and definitions
to boss you around: to tell you what to do
inspirational: making you feel enthusiastic and encouraged in what you are doing
financial rewards: money/ pay
organisational skills: ability to plan and make decisions so that things go well
people skills: ability to deal with people in a friendly and fair way that achieves good results
hierarchy: the way people are arranged in a company according to their importance
middle manager: person whose position is in the middle of the management structure at a company
job title: the name that is given to your role at work
train manager: someone who sells tickets and deals with passengers on a train
office manager: someone who looks after the day-to-day administration and running of the office
IT manager: someone who deals with computers and computer systems
career ladder: a series of jobs that a person does through their working life, starting with the lowest paid jobs with least responsibility, moving job by job to increasingly senior positions

6 Minute English: What are managers for? Transcript Video


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