Jan 142016

From artificial lights, to late night TV, and now the ever-present glow of our smartphones, modern life is often blamed for ruining our sleep. But do we really need so much sleep? Neil and Alice discuss a new study by American researchers which has concluded that our ancestors were probably as sleep deprived as we are.



Vocabulary and definitions

sleep like a log – sleep very heavily and well
snoring – breathing in a noisy way through your mouth or nose while you’re asleep
caffeine – a chemical found in coffee and tea that makes you feel more awake
insomnia – having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
hunter-gatherers – people who live by hunting animals and gathering plants
soundly – well or deeply
irregular – (in this context) not spaced out evenly
cognitive behavioural therapy – a treatment for mental health problems that tries to change the way you think

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