May 022014

In this week’s 6 Minute English – Modern offices with transcript video:
Millions of people work in open-plan offices these days. They use computers, make phone calls, and discuss tasks with their colleagues in a big room full of desks and no walls between these desks. But is it a good environment to work in?
Rob and Finn work in an open-plan office. Do they like it? They talk about the pros and cons and teach some work-related vocabulary.

What do we call a kind of noise that contains the full range of sounds that humans can hear? Is it…
a) white noise
b) green noise
c) pink noise


6 Minute English - Modern offices

Vocabulary and definitions
open-plan office: big office which has few or no walls or rooms inside it
industrialist: owner of factories who is influential in business
collaboration: working together for the same goal, exchanging information and ideas
staff: group of people who work for a company or organisation
to take root: to become acceptable and popular
per person: share for each individual
flow: movement, especially movement that is smooth and continuous
productivity: rate at which goods are made

6 Minute English – Modern offices Transcript Video


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