Oct 222015

The bicycle is the most popular form of two-wheeled transport in the world, but could we all soon be using hoverboards? They look like a skateboards and are used by pop stars such as Lilly Allen and Justin Bieber. Listen to what happens when a BBC reporter tries a hoverboard, and learn some new vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

device – an object invented for a certain purpose
to balance – to stand (on something) without falling over
pavement – the hard path you walk on next to a road (‘sidewalk’ in American English)
scooter – a board with wheels and handlebars you stand on with one foot and push with the other to travel
skateboard – a board with wheels you stand on with one foot and push with the other to travel
celebrities – famous people, for example pop stars
to get on – (here) to be successful, to manage
to have a go – to try to do something
illegal – not legal, against the law
private property – land and/or buildings that belong to someone, not to the public

6 Minute English – New transport on two wheels Transcript Video


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