Feb 272014

In this week’s 6 Minute English – Odd job interviews with transcript video:
Job interviews are a part of modern life and sooner or later we all have to do them. They usually involve being asked a list of questions or doing a short presentation.
But some companies go a bit further and ask the interviewee to do embarrassing and humiliating things that are completely unrelated to the job.
Rob and Finn discuss ‘odd’ job interviews, and talk about one man who was asked to dance as part of his selection process.

What type of job has been named a ‘Field Nourishment Consultant’? Is it:
a) A waitress
b) A school dinner lady
c) A petrol station assistant


6 Minute English - Odd job interviews

Vocabulary and definitions
grilled: (here) asked lots of difficult questions
interviewers: people who interview someone for a job
interviewees: people who are being interviewed
position: job in a company
degraded: feeling you have lost respect for yourself and from other people
humiliated: feeling embarrassed and ashamed
put on a brave face: hide your feelings of being upset or disappointed
unorthodox: different from what is usual or normally expected
recruiting: the process of finding and employing someone to work for a company
leave/ make a lasting impression: behave in a way that makes people remember good things about you for a long time
breaking the ice: making someone feel relaxed
role playing: pretending to be someone else to act out a pretend situation
bribe: money or gifts you give someone to try and make them do something

6 Minute English – Odd job interviews Transcript Video


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