Dec 112012

In this episode: Each year the Oxford English Dictionary chooses its ‘Word of the Year’. It has recently announced the winner for 2012: omnishambles.
Callum and Neil discuss the word and its origins.

From this list, who published the earliest English alphabetical dictionary?
a: Robert Cawdrey
b: Samuel Johnson
c: Noah Webster


first and foremost: a formal expression meaning the most important thing to consider
the projected longevity: the estimate of how long something will live for
flash in the pan: short-lived, not long-lasting
a shambles: something which is very poorly organised, managed or performed
to coin (an expression): to create or be the first to use a new word or phrase
a gaffe: an embarrassing mistake, usually made in public
derivatives: new words that have developed from another word
staying power: the ability to last a long time

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