Feb 142013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: a company from the Netherlands is planning to send a group of people on a one-way trip to the planet Mars.

Callum and Jennifer learn what kind of people are needed to take part in such a mission.

This week’s question:

How big is Mars compared to the Earth?

a: Mars is bigger

b: They are about the same size

c: Mars is smaller

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.



a one-way journey: a trip from which you don’t return immediately, or in this case, at all
to settle (somewhere): to be the first people to establish a community in a new place
Permanently: forever
to jump at the opportunity (to do something): to be very enthusiastic about doing something
Smart: clever, intelligent
to be stranded (somewhere): to be unable to leave a place
an uninhabited island: an island where nobody lives
to finance (something): to raise the money to make something possible
reality TV: a form of television show where people are filmed while living their lives, often in unusual places and situations


6 Minute English – One-way ticket to Mars Transcript Video


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