Dec 112012

In this episode: It hurts but does it help?
Callum and Jennifer discuss the topic of pain. They listen to the experiences of one man who cannot feel physical pain and wonder if life would be easier or more difficult without pain.

An anaesthetic is a drug used to stop pain, particularly during medical procedures. Which language does the word come from?
a: Greek
b: Latin
c: Old Norse


to have a high pain threshold: to be able to tolerate a high level of pain
an anaesthetic: a drug or gas used to stop pain, particularly during medical procedures
a toddler: a small child who is just learning to walk
a paediatrician: a doctor who specialises in treating children
a lighter: a small device used to produce fire for lighting cigarettes, for example
a cast: a hard, thick covering placed on a limb with a broken bone to protect it while it heals
empathy: the ability to understand other people’s feelings because you can imagine what it is like to be in their situation

6 Minute English – Pain Transcript Video



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