Aug 072014

Would you eat a purple tomato? What if it had health benefits? Scientists have developed one that could be on our shop shelves soon.
This is the latest example of genetically modified food – food that has been changed from its natural form. There are many reasons for growing GM food, and Rob and Finn discuss some of them in the programme.
They also explain some vocabulary related to growing these ‘artificial’ crops.

When was the first genetically modified food first sold commercially? Was it in:
a) 1974
b) 1984
c) 1994



Vocabulary and definitions
artificial: made by people, copying something made in nature
genetically modified: having its genetic structure changed for a particular purpose (sometime shortened to GM)
genes: parts of the DNA in a cell that control the physical development or characteristics of an individual plant or animal
resist: fight against
pests: insects or small animals that damage crops
cultivated: developed to be grown on farms
pigment: natural substance that gives colour
antioxidant: a natural chemical that slows down the decaying process
significant: important or noticeable
affordable: not expensive
distrust: not trusting or believing someone or something
ripening: becoming fully grown or ready for eating

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