Dec 052013

In this week’s 6 Minute English – On the right track: All aboard! France has TGV, Spain has AVE and Japan has Shinkansen – many countries have high-speed trains. They whisk people from city to city, help to reduce the number of cars on the road and bring economic benefits.
Rob and Finn discuss plans to build a new high-speed train line in the UK and talk about why not everyone is ‘on board’ with the idea.


6 Minute English On the right track

Vocabulary and definitions
to jump on the bandwagon: to get involved with something that is already successful
on the right track: making good progress
benefits: good effects
to transport: (here) to move
ultra-modern: extremely up-to-date; the latest
ironic: opposite from what you usually expect
essential: completely necessary
overcrowding: when there are more people in a space than is comfortable or safe
controversial: a subject that many people disagree about
arguments: reasons that people agree or disagree with
sedate: slow or gentle
envy: wishing you had something that someone else already has

6 Minute English On the right track Transcript Video


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