Oct 172013

In this week’s 6 Minute English – Road safety for cyclists:
More and more people are using bikes to commute to work or university. Cycling is a cheap way to travel and a good way to get fit. But it can also be dangerous. Join Jen and Neil as they discuss ways to be safer on the roads.

This week’s question:
A record number of bikes were hired on one day during the London Olympic Games in 2012. But how many times were bikes borrowed on this day? Was it:

a) 15,000
b) 31,000
c) 47,000

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Vocabulary and definitions
to commute: to travel to work
a folding bike: a bicycle which can be made smaller so that it can be carried
heavy traffic: lots of vehicles on a road
vehicles: cars, buses, lorries and taxis
helmet cameras: small cameras attached to a protective hat worn by cyclists
footage: something which has been filmed
insurance: a way of protecting you financially if you have an accident
peace of mind: a feeling of being calm or not being worried
The Highway Code: a set of rules that drivers and cyclists must follow
fluorescent clothing: bright, reflective clothes

6 Minute English – Road safety for cyclists Transcript Video


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