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Is it right to sleep at work? Some experts think we work better if we can close our eyes and have a short rest in the office. So, is it time for bosses to put beds in the workplace?
Rob and Finn discuss the benefits of sleeping on the job.

When the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was in power, she did her job with very little sleep. Do you know how many hours a night she slept?
a) Three hours
b) Four hours
c) Five hours


Vocabulary and definitions

napping – sleeping for a short period of time

(to) nod off – to fall asleep

sleeping on the job – sleeping when you should be working

insomniac – a person who has difficulty falling sleep

40 winks – (informal) nap for a short period of time

power-nap – a short sleep that gives you energy

naptivist – a made-up name for someone who actively campaigns for napping at work

attitude – opinion or feeling about something

counter-cultural – opposite to what most people think or do

work ethic – belief about how we should work

wellbeing – feeling of being happy and health

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