Jan 152015

Smoking in cars with children is likely to be banned in England this year, under new laws put forward by the government. Rob and Neil talk about the move and consider the reaction among smokers.



Vocabulary and definitions

habit – something you do frequently without even thinking and that is difficult to give up
controversy – disagreement expressed in a heated and public way
campaigning – working in an organised and active way to achieve an objective
second-hand smoke – the smoke from other people’s cigarettes
asthma – an illness about which you hear a lot about when people discuss the effects of tobacco smoke and pollution on people’s lungs. People with asthma sometimes have difficulty to breathe
fine – the money you pay as a punishment for having breached the law
vulnerable – someone exposed to harm who can’t defend themselves
personal space – the area around a person’s body which if invaded makes them feel uncomfortable

6 Minute English – Smokers to face one more ban Transcript Video


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