Jul 172014

Around the world, millions of people believe their lives are governed by the position of the sun, moon and planets. But why do we read horoscopes?

Rob and Neil – a Gemini and a Virgo – discuss the role of astrology in the modern world. Do they read predictions for themselves? Listen to their chat and learn some new vocabulary.

Which of these famous people were publicly criticised when it came to light that they relied too much on horoscopes to take decisions? Was it:

a) Margaret Thatcher
b) Nancy Reagan
c) Michael Jackson


6 Minute English - Star signs

Vocabulary and definitions
personality: the collection of thoughts, behaviours and feelings which make you who you are
observant: quick at noticing things
adaptable: someone who gets used to new things and situations very easily
astrologers: people who say they can find out about your personality, and maybe your future, by analysing the position of stars and planets the day you were born
astronomers: scientists who study the stars and planets
insignificant: of little importance
domestication: process of putting something under human control
evidence: (here) an indication that something you believe is true
belief: something you think is true without proof

6 Minute English – Star signs Transcript Video


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