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Some people actively embrace risk by jumping out of aeroplanes, scuba-diving or motor-racing. But we all face risks every day by eating, drinking, walking and driving – simply going about our daily lives carries all sorts of unseen threats. And yet for some reason we don’t judge these risks accurately. Follow Alice and Finn’s discussion and learn new words.



Vocabulary and definitions

phobia – a strong and unreasonable fear of something
risk – the chances of something bad happening
probability – how likely something is to happen
gut reaction – an instinctive emotional response
catastrophic – something which causes a huge amount of damage and suffering
media coverage – reports about something in the News, newspapers, and the internet
chronic – something that lasts for a long time
thrill seekers – people who enjoy taking part in extreme sports and other activities involving physical risk
base jumper – a person with a parachute who leaps from tall buildings or cliffs

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