Nov 052015

The UK government has recently introduced a small charge of 5p on plastic bags in English supermarkets to try to stop people using them. Neil and Alice take a look at the environmental impact of mass-produced plastic bags and plastic in general.



Vocabulary and definitions

initiative – a new plan for dealing with something
hoarder – someone who collects large amounts of something and finds it hard to throw things away
decompose – gradually break down by natural chemical processes
clog – block something
biodegradable – able to break down naturally in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment
additive – a small amount of a chemical added to something to improve it
landfill – a place where our rubbish is buried under the earth
microplastics – small plastic fragments less than 5mm in size
ingested – eaten
zooplankton – tiny little animals in the sea other sea animals feed on
food chain – a series of living things where each group of creature feeds on the one below it in the chain

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