Jun 122015

Access to information that’s out of this world
The idea of delivering information via the internet to every person on the planet is has become a major priority for some of the biggest tech firms.
One idea is the Outernet. Neil and Catherine discuss this new system that aims to provide a library of knowledge for poor and remote communities – beamed down to Earth via satellite.



Vocabulary and definitions

e-reader – an electronic device which you can store and read books from the internet
remote – a long way from towns and cities
entrepreneur – a person who makes money by starting their own business that typically involves some financial risk
broadcast – send out electronic signals or programmes
picks up – recieves
drawback – disadvantage
bi-directional – two-way / going in both directions
one-way – going in one direction
time horizons – the length of time it takes to complete something
copyright-free – the right to use other people’s material or work without paying any fees
balloon network – group of interconnected balloons
boost – increase
masts – tall metal towers that send and receive signals

6 Minute English – The Outernet Transcript Video


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  1. What a nice YouTube video it is! Amazing, I loved it, and I am sharing this YouTube video with all my colleagues.

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