Aug 152013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: How are you feeling today? Do you need cheering up? There’s good news from Holland that says we could make ourselves happier!

Studies from all over the world have been put together by the World Happiness Database in Rotterdam and Rob and Finn discuss the results. They find out why we may be looking for happiness in the wrong places and that being unhappy is always a bad thing.

This week’s question:

The World Happiness Database has ranked countries in order of how happy their people are – or to be more precise – their ‘satisfaction with life’. Do you know which country came top of the list? Was it:

a) Finland

b) Canada

c) Costa Rica

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


down in the dumps: feeling miserable or unhappy
happy-go-lucky: describes someone who doesn’t worry about the future
satisfaction: the good feeling you get when you get something you want
a state of mind: how someone feels about their life at the present time
content: feel happy or pleased with the situation
materialistic: believing money and possessions are the most important things
goals: things you want to achieve
hectic: busy, lots of things going on
rewarding: a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure
wiser: gained the ability to make good judgements based on life experience
comforting: making you feel less sad or worried

6 Minute English – The secret of happiness Transcript Video


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  1. Expressing gratitude can be a manner of being centered on the present, it’s an act that takes place in the second, and
    lets you reside life within the now.

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