Jun 182015

We look inside the teenage brain and find out what’s going. Neil and Rob discuss how this important organ affects the way young people behave and there’ll be some brain-related vocabulary to learn.



Vocabulary and definitions

hoody – a jumper or sweatshirt that has a hood on it
detention – a period of time children have to stay at school after classes have finished as a punishment
hormones – natural chemicals produced in animals that control how they develop and grow
adolescence – time period in life when a person changes into an adult
inhibits – (here) slows down or stops
get a kick out of something – (informal) to enjoy
limbic system – part of the brain that encourages young people to take risks
prefrontal cortex – part of the brain that encourages a young person to slow down
brainy – clever
butt of a joke – target of someone’s joke/made fun of
parody – copy someone’s style in an exaggerated way
to demonize – to talk about someone/something to make people believe they are/it is evil or threatening

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