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Theatres and concert venues are struggling to stop people selling tickets illegally – often at higher prices. The people who do this are called ticket touts – they buy up lots of cheap tickets and sell them for a higher price.
Rob and Neil discuss this dodgy business and wonder how we can avoid buying the wrong ticket.

According to the Guinness World Records, which singer sold the most ever tickets in one day for his 2006 World Tour? Was it:
a) Robbie Williams
b) Bob Dylan
c) Justin Timberlake


6 Minute English - Ticket touts

Vocabulary and definitions
ticket touts: people who buy tickets for an event in order to resell them at a higher price
face value: the price shown on the ticket
dodgy: dishonest, unreliable, (sometimes) illegal
legitimately: done properly according to the rules or the law
agent: (here) a person or company paid to sell tickets on behalf of someone else
commission: extra payment someone gets for selling something on behalf of someone else
transactions: buying or selling things
venue: building where large or important events take place
cheapskate: (informal) someone who doesn’t like spending money
inflated prices: prices that are higher than they should be
fake: not real
out-of-pocket: losing money in a transaction
silver bullet: one simple solution to solve a problem
reputable: honest, reliable and trustworthy
void: not valid; cancelled

6 Minute English – Ticket touts Transcript Video


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