Jul 112013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: How does the sound of birds singing make you feel? Their natural sounds can have some surprising benefits such as helping you work or study better.

Rob and Jen listen to some different birdsongs and find out why the ‘Tweet of the Day’ has nothing to do with Twitter!

This week’s question:

How many species of birds are there on Britain’s official bird list?

a) 396
b) 496
c) 596

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


species: types or sets of birds who have similar general features and can breed together
tweeting: here it means the songs or sounds that birds make
chirp or trill: short, high sound made by a bird
twitcher: someone who spots birds
dawn chorus: the sound of lots of birds singing at the start of the day
scavenger: bird that eats anything it can find
screech: loud, high pitched cry
feathered friends: birds
captured: collected or recorded
nature’s alarm clock: a natural way to be woken up
rare: not found very often/ low in numbers

6 Minute English – Tweet of the day Transcript Video


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