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Fabien Cousteau and his team of oceanographers spent 31 days living and working underwater, breaking the previous record of 30 days. But why? And what was it like?
Rob and Finn discuss living underwater – and explain some related vocabulary.

What is the longest time a human being has held their breath underwater?
a) 12 minutes
b) 18 minutes
c) 22 minutes


Vocabulary and definitions
don’t hold your breath: phrase meaning: “don’t expect that a particular good thing will happen”
laboratory: room or building with scientific equipment for doing tests
oceanographer: someone who studies the oceans
conservation: protection of plants and animals
undersea: below the surface of the sea
final frontier: the last place for humans to explore
marine: relating to the sea
freeze-dried: (of food) quickly frozen and dried to preserve it
astronaut: a person who has been trained to travel in space
decompressing: reducing your body pressure after being underwater

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