Nov 132014

As our appetite for meat increases, we’re being told to cut down on eating the stuff. A study claims a rise in the production of meat is causing more greenhouse gases which harm the planet.
Rob and Finn discuss why this is happening, the damage it is doing and some possible alternatives to eating meat.

According to a study in American how many tonnes of beef is produced globally every year?
a) 59 million tonnes
b) 69 million tonnes
c) 79 million tonnes



Vocabulary and definitions

tucking into – eat with enjoyment and enthusiasm
greenhouse gas – a gas that stops heat from escaping from the atmosphere and causes the greenhouse effect
consumption – (here) process of eating or drinking
deforestation – cutting down trees in a large area
fertiliser – a natural or chemical substance that is spread on the land to make plants grow well
appetite – a feeling of wanting or needing something (usually food)
carnivore – person who eats meat
boom – large and sudden increase in business


6 Minute English – Could vegetarians save the world? Transcript Video


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