Dec 312015

How much does appearance really matter? Neil and Alice discuss keeping fit, New Year’s resolutions, peacocks, corsets, and the things we do to make us feel good about ourselves.



Vocabulary and definitions

a small fortune – a lot of money
grumpy – bad-temptered
miser – somebody who loves money but hates spending it
eve – the day before something e.g. Christmas Eve
Santa Claus – an imaginary old man with a white beard and red clothes who brings children presents at Christmas time
donating – giving for free
toy bank – a place where toys are given away free to people in need
benefit – be helped by
after your own heart – someone who has the same opinion as you
charity – giving free help to people who need it
under the banner of – being part of a group who are united in support for an idea
demographics – statistical information about a population and the groups of people in it

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