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Gibbons belong to a group of animals called primates. They are small apes that live in South East Asia. When they communicate with each other they sound like they are singing – and some sing in duets – but why?



Vocabulary and definitions

primates – animals belonging to the same group as humans, which includes monkeys and apes
a close shave – a dangerous or difficult situation you just manage to avoid
screech – making a loud, high and unpleasant sound
face-off – argument or fight
gibbons – small apes that live in Southeast Asia
evocative – brings strong feelings or memories to mind
duet – song sung by two people
cacophony – mix of loud noises, which often sound out of tune
territory – an area of land
alert – warn
predators – animals that kills and eats other animals
ancestor – an animal – or human – from the past that a modern animal or human has descended from
evolutionary – a gradual process of change or development

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