Oct 202014

This week’s 6 Minute Vocabulary: find out how you can sound much more natural by learning and using chunks of language. And here’s a question for while you listen: in English do we say ‘a complete English breakfast’ or ‘a full English breakfast’?

to do something on an empty stomach – to do something without eating first
a full English breakfast – a cooked breakfast, usually with bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, toast and tea
to take a long time – to happen slowly
the rush hour – the period of time in the morning and evening when the traffic is very busy with people going to and from work
a lot of fun – very enjoyable
all over the world – everywhere around the earth
(I’ll be) back in a bit – (I’ll) return soon


6 Minute Vocabulary: Chunks of language Transcript Video


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