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Finn and Catherine give you some tips which can help you to remember new words. In 6 Minute Vocabulary, you’ll hear about a useful way of grouping words and learn a fun game to help you remember them.

A lexical set is a group of words that share the same topic or theme and belong to the same part of speech – they are all nouns, all verbs, all adjectives (for example).
Lexical sets are a useful way to organise vocabulary, making it easier to learn. When reading texts from different sources, it is a good idea to try to find groups of words that are related to the same topic and that belong to the same part of speech.



6 Minute Vocabulary: Lexical sets Transcript Video



rainfall – water that falls as rain over a period of time
water level – the height of water in rivers and lakes
burst its banks – we say this when the water level of a river gets so high that the water overflows its sides and floods the local area
flooded – full of water, usually from coming from rainfall
soaked – covered in water
waterlogged – when something is so full of water it cannot hold any more

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