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Alice jumps to the White Rabbit’s call to the stand. She forgets that she has grown larger and knocks over the jury stand, then scrambles to put all of the jurors back. Alice claims to know “nothing whatever” about the tarts, which the King deems “very important.” The White Rabbit corrects the King, suggesting that he in fact means “unimportant.” The King agrees, muttering the words “important” and “unimportant” to himself.


Alice in Wonderland 10: Alice’s Evidence – Listen and Read


Chapter Ten of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol (abridged)

This Librivox Recording is in the Public Domain.

Chapter Ten – Alice’s evidence

“Here!” cried Alice. She jumped up in such a hurry that she tipped over the jury-box, upsetting all the jurymen on to the heads of the crowd below.


Alice in Wonderland – Listen and Read

A Christmas Carol – Listen and Read

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