Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 47: This time our episode is about AGE.
“to COME OF AGE” , “to be UNDERAGE” , “to be in one’s EARLY 30s” , “to LOOK one’s AGE”… learn a lot of expressions about age

M : this episode is about AGE !
M : Hi everybody, we know it’s been a while since we uploaded our last episode, but we’re back now.
C : Well, listeners, it was all Marta’s fault, she spent a whole month in the States, lucky girl- so she’s the one to blame. Just kidding, hey Marta, welcome back! How was your trip to Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas?
M : Amazing! I think I’ve seen more concerts in that month alone than in the rest of my life.
C : And you also played a couple of times, didn’t you?


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