Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 49: HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!
“to SCARE TO DEATH”, “to be BORED to DEATH”, “to come to a DEAD END”, “to be a DEAD RINGER for”… learn a lot of expressions about death

Marta: Today we’re talking about DEATH: The Halloween Episode!
Marta: Hi Cindy! Happy Halloween!
Cindy: Happy Halloween Everyone! (muffled)
Marta: What?
Cindy: (muffled) Happy Halloween Everyone! (spits out fake Dracula teeth) I said, Happy Halloween Everyone!
Marta: What in the world are you wearing on your teeth?!
Cindy: These are my Dracula teeth! (Cindy puts teeth back in) For Halloween!
Marta: Take those out! I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WITH YOU looking like that! They’re horrible!


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