Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 42: What’s the difference between the verbs TO HEAR and TO LISTEN ?

Marta – to HEAR vs to LISTEN.  We’re dealing with PERCEPTION VS INTENTION.  (sound of phone ringing)…. Uh… Have you heard that sound, Cindy?  Is that your phone ringing?
Cindy – Yes, it is.  Sorry, Marta,  I need to take this call.
M –  No problem.
C – Hello?  Hello? Honey, can you hear me?  Honey? I’m afraid it’s a very bad line,  I can hardly hear your voice,  can you repeat that?  Wait a second… ok, now I can hear you very well. Uh uh… you took the car to the garage… is it ok now? Ok. Go ahead, I’m listening. I’m all ears. Oh, I see, you need my credit card for the bill… mmmm… how much is it?  (gasping)… Honey? I’m afraid I can’t hear you anymore….hello?   (hanging up).


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