Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 48: This time our episode is about the verb TO WISH. MAKE A WISH everybody! 🙂

Marta:   Today’s episode is about “TO WISH” !
Cindy:  “when you wish upon a star your dream comes true”,  well, it’s August and there are a lot of shooting stars right now,  we should all give it a try and WISH upon a star,  MAKE A WISH listeners!
M :  I think the best thing in making a wish is that you take a moment to think about what it is that you really want.
C :   Yes, that’s important!  Be careful what you wish for when you see a shooting star!
M :  Ok, let’s take a look at this verb,  to wish.
C :  first off,  we can use it to WISH SOMEONE WELL.   Like in:  “I wish you all the best in your new job!”   or  “I wish you well with your career”.
M :   or “I wish you a speedy recovery”,   “I wish you a safe journey!”


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