Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 43: Which activities do you do to KEEP IN SHAPE ? Are you FITNESS FREAKS? Here’s our new episode, it’s about DOING PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

Marta:  This episode is about  WORKING OUT !
Cindy: Hello everybody!  It’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We all need to have regular check-ups, we need to eat a healthful diet and to exercise.
M:   DOING PHYSICAL EXERCISE not only helps us to STAY FIT,  it also improves our emotional well-being.
C :  It’s true,  it helps us burn off stress.   In this episode you’ll learn a lot of vocabulary about EXERCISING and STAYING FIT.  But don’t worry, Marta and I have no intention of turning you into FITNESS FREAKS.
M: …into…what?
C:  a “fitness freak”  is someone obsessed with fitness, almost addicted to going to the gym. 


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