Dec 112013

my American friend podcast episode 45: How to use the words SOME ANY and NO.

Marta: today’s episode is about how to use the words: SOME ANY and NO !
Cindy: hey, Marta, why did you choose this topic?
M : uh..well, I teach English in a private school here in Italy, my course is called “English Amplifier”
C : yes, and all of your students are so nice and so smart!
M : you’re right, they are wonderful, all of them. And they’ve been amazing this last year, they have improved so much. Let me send them a big hello: hey guys, you’re the best!
C : Hey guys!
M : Back to your question, some of my students at English Amplifier asked me about the difference between “some” and “any”. And I thought that maybe it could be interesting to our listeners as well.


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