Jan 242013

Voice of America American Stories: Ernest Hemingway, 1899-1961: He Was Able to Paint in Words What He Saw and Felt

SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: I’m Shirley Griffith.

FRANK OLIVER: And I’m Frank Oliver with People in America, a Special English program about people who were important in the history of the United States. Today, we tell about the life of writer Ernest Hemingway.


Ernest Hemingway, 1899-1961: One of the Most Famous Writers of the 20th Century

SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: I’m Shirley Griffith.

DOUG JOHNSON: And I’m Doug Johnson with People in America, a program about people who are important in the history of the United States. Today we present the second part of the story of Ernest Hemingway’s life and writings.


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Source:  Voice of America

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  3 Responses to “American Stories: Ernest Hemingway”

  1. Hello, I liked the Hemingway’s story, but I couldn’t find the transcript for the second part.
    Could you help me?

    thank you very much

    Cristina Xavier

  2. Hi good evening, i would like to thanks to this website i just found this website on youtube yesterday when i’m preparin myself to go to my work, when i’m searhing because i’m listening to british council podcast on youtube everyday,suddenly i found this website it amaze me ( im sorry i dont know if i’m rigth in my vocabulary the Amaze word i use ) because all english lesson in here in this website it really fantastic because like me i’m still learning english all i need english lesson is here. All the lesson i can learn here i can use in my work i would like to thanks to two people who read this story because have really clear voice and not very fast when they’re read the story thats why i like this too not very fast because im still in level 2…..

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