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If you are a manager, you probably ask people to do things all the time! But if you ask a friend to do something out of kindness or generosity, you are asking a favour. This is quite easy to do in English, but it’s complicated slightly by the fact that we tend to be very polite when we’re asking favours.


Asking a favour
Note that we tend to be very polite when we are asking favours, using longer sentence structures:
Can I ask a favour?
Could you do me
Could you possibly do me
Could I ask you to do me
I was wondering if I could ask you to do me
Exaggerate the favour
We do this to make our friend feel important:
Could you do me a really big favour?
a massive
a huge
Thanking your friend
Don’t forget to thank your friend for offering to do you a favour!Thank you so much

Add emphasis to your words by showing how important the favour is:

You’re an absolute life-saver!   or
You’ve saved my life

After you’ve thanked your friend, you can say that you owe him / her a favour…

I really owe you (one)

… or you can promise a reward…

I’ll buy you a drink sometime (to say thanks)…

…or you can promise to do the same favour for your friend:

I’ll return the favour sometime    or
I’ll do the same for you one day… I promise!

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