Mar 012013

In a different episode of How To we looked at how to chat someone up – that is, how to make someone interested in you, in a romantic way! Let’s imagine you have succeeded in getting someone interested… now it’s time to ask them out. Is it possible to do this in a way that avoids embarrassment?


Seeing if someone is free at a particular time
What are you up to
this weekend?
Making an invitation
Don’t embarrass yourself by using the word date!Do you want to come on a date with me?

Try this invitation instead:

Do you want to meet up
Do you fancy meeting up
sometime for a drink?
outside work?
Inviting someone to join you
I was thinking I might go to the films tomorrow… If you’d like to join me, feel free.
I was thinking I might go to the films tomorrow if you fancy it.
Offering someone your phone number
Why don’t I give you my mobile phone number?
Let me give you my mobile number.

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