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Do you find that your English conversations end rather suddenly? Is there anything we can say before ‘goodbye’ to indicate that we would like to stop talking? The ability to close topics is a very useful but difficult skill. In this BBC How to… close topics programme, you’ll hear how native speakers close topics in two real conversations.


Closing topics
so… anyway… but… right… okay… well…
Use these words with sentences that

  • give your final opinion about the topic
  • summarise what has already been said
  • lead to you saying ‘goodbye’

ExamplesBut, we shall see if it makes a difference… Anyway, I must be off!

So, it’s something, anyway, to look forward to…

Well anyway, it’s lovely talking to you, but I must get on…

Right… well… I guess I’d better get back

a short story about something that happened to you
e.g. The other night Alan told us a very amusing anecdote about when he played cricket for his schoolsubtle
an adjective describing something which is not obvious or easily noticeable
e.g. He made a number of subtle changes to the document
It was painted a subtle shade of blue

BBC How to… close topics Transcript Video


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