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This BBC How to… disagree programme is all about expressions you can use when you want to tell someone that you disagree with them (you think what they are saying is wrong).
We do this with the help of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He was recently interviewed by a BBC journalist and there were lots of phrases expressing disagreement in the conversation!


Useful vocabulary for disagreeing

I don’t agree
that’s not true

I don’t accept that
Note: ‘no’ is usually followed by a statement (see below)(quite direct)
(quite formal)
No, I don’t think that’s what happened.
No, that’s not a good idea.



(no adjective)

Very strong ways of saying you disagree – unless said as a joke, they usually sound quite aggressive, so be careful about using them! They can be made stronger with adjectives (2nd column).


hang on!
hang on a minute!
expressions often used to interrupt and disagree with what someone has just said:
Hang on! That’s not what she did at all!


Structures you can use when you agree with part of something that’s been said, but disagree with other parts, or want to bring in a contrasting idea:
althoughwhile it’s true to say that
it’s fair to say that
I agree that
(..followed by what you agree with, then what you don’t agree with, or a contrasting idea)
Although it’s true to say that he is intelligent, I don’t think he works well in a team.
While I agree that we should leave soon, I think we should finish this work first.

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