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When you are learning a language, you become very good at showing people you don’t know something! But sometimes we have an idea about something, but we’re not completely sure. How can we express different levels of certainty?


Question Tags
We often use this structure when we are unsure of something or want to check information.
1. It’s not Shilpa Shetty … is it?
2. She isn’t an actress… is she?
3. That’s Shilpa Shetty … isn’t it?
4. She’s been on T.V. … hasn’t she?
Note: When responding to question tags, yes and no refer to whether something is or isn’t the case, not whether the first speaker is right or wrong. So in the following exchange, B is saying he doubts the woman is an actress:A: She’s not an actress, is she?
B: No, I don’t think so.
On the Grammar Challenge website, you can find out more about the formation and intonation patterns of question tags.
It mightmaycould


be Shilpa Shetty uncertain certain
Maybe and Perhaps
Maybe … she’s a film star
Perhaps …

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