Mar 012013

If you are like me then quite often you might find yourself talking about something then getting sidetracked. This means that you start talking about a different topic, maybe because you’ve been interrupted or maybe just because you’ve lost your train of thought.

When you want the conversation to get back on topic, back to the subject you were talking about originally, there are a number of useful words and expressions you can use naturally to make this change. In this BBC How to… get back on topic programme we hear a few of these different phrases.


How to get back on topic
…. So ….
…. Anyway ….
…. As I was saying …..
…. Where was I? Oh yes ….
…. Getting back to my story …
…. Getting back to what I was saying …
You can also combine these expressions, for example:
So anyway, where was I, oh yes, as I was saying …..

BBC How to… get back on topic Transcript Video


BBC How to… Part 7

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