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In a previous episode, we looked at how to tell someone you’re not happy about something and ask them to change their behaviour in a polite way, with phrases like ‘Would you mind…?’ In this programme, we look at more direct ways to tell someone you’re unhappy with their behaviour – expressions that might come up in very informal contexts. Most the language you will learn in this programme sounds quite aggressive, so be careful about using it.

Expressing your anger about something


fed up with
sick of
tired of
sick and tired of
having to do all your work for you!
the way you make so much noise at night!
your annoying friends!
I hate the way you
can’t stand the way you
always blame me!
leave a mess everywhere!
What really gets under my skin is
What really drives me crazy is
the way you lie about it.
your unhelpful attitude.
Complaining about something that someone often does/doesn’t do


always… boss me around!
leave a mess in the kichen!
never… helped me with anything!
let me speak!
Telling someone to stop doing something that makes you angry
It’s got to stop!
It can’t carry on!




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