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In this BBC How to… make a point programme, we find out about expressions you can use when you’re having a discussion or disagreement with someone and you want to ‘make a point’ – make a statement or tell them what you think about something. We do this with the help of clips from a discussion between the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and a BBC journalist.


Language for making a point
Expressing opinion Examples
I think (that)… I think you should go now.
My view is (that)… My view is that the project will fail.
In my opinion, … In my opinion, the firm can succeed.
I can assure you (that)… I can assure you that we’ve done everything we can.
Making a statement
The fact is (that)… The fact is, he’s a great performer.
The point is (that)… The point is, we don’t know if they’re being honest.
Other expressions
You’re missing the point
(can sound a bit rude)
You’re missing the point – why do you never listen properly to what I’m saying?
Look, …
(can sound quite aggressive)
Look, everyone thinks it’s a bad idea.
‘that’ is optional after I think.., my view is…, I can assure you…, the fact is… and the point is….

BBC How to… make a point Transcript Video


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