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Welcome to the new How to series which help you learn practical English for real situations.

BBC New How to – make complaints (Transcript Video)


BBC New How to with transcript videos

How to – make complaints
How to – haggle

How to … hello & goodbye

These programmes cover language you can use for greeting, introducing people and saying goodbye. So far, it includes:
greeting friends
greeting people in more formal situations
introducing people
small talk and follow-up conversations
saying goodbye

Script Videos – hello & goodbye

How to …. good news, bad news

These programmes cover language you can use when you want to give or react to news. Including:
congratulating someone on good news
responding to someone’s bad news
giving good news
giving bad news

Script Videos – good news, bad news

How to … complaints, apologies & excuses

These programmes are about language you might use to give feedback at work, make a complaint and give praise. The programmes in this section include:
making a complaint
saying sorry
accepting an apology
pointing out the positive
making a complaint (informal)
expressing annoyance

Script Videos – complaints, apologies & excuses

How to … instructions, explanations & advice

These programmes cover how to give and accept instructions, explanations and advice. So far, they include:
asking for and giving directions
showing understanding when you are listening to explanations
making positive and negative comments
making recommendations
describing a process
giving instructions

Script Videos – instructions, explanations & advice

How to … requests, offers & invitations

These programmes are all about language you can use when you have to make a request, offer or invitation. You will learn useful expressions to help you:
ask for permission to do something
invite someone in an informal context
make polite invitations
decline invitations
make an appointment
ask someone to change their behaviour
ask someone out
ask someone a favour
borrow something
ask for the time

Script Videos – requests, offers & invitations

How to …. discuss

These programmes are all about language you can use when you’re having a discussion with people. You will learn useful expressions to help you:
make suggestions
make a point
disagree with people
express uncertainty
take offence

Script Videos – discuss

How to … conversation

These programmes have useful language for when you’re chatting to someone. They include:
extending a conversation
closing topics
talking about things you like
talking about things you don’t like
expressing no strong feelings
responding to compliments
telling someone about a funny incident
getting back on topic
telling someone about a serious incident
chatting someone up
being sarcastic
agreeing in informal situations
showing interest
telling a story
being vague

Script Videos – conversation Part 1
Script Videos – conversation Part 2

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