Jan 302015

Too many graduates, not enough jobs: In many countries around the world, more and more young people are graduating from universities – and then discovering that it isn’t easy to find a job.
This week’s News Report discusses the problem of graduate unemployment in India and China, and its social effects. This News Report includes some examples of the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.



The Taj Mahal in your living room: Would you like to visit the Taj Mahal, without leaving your home?
In this week’s News Report you will hear about new technology, which will soon allow users to take ‘virtual tours’ of popular landmarks like the Taj Mahal – and you’ll also hear some examples of defining relative clauses, with words like ‘who’, ‘which’, and ‘that’.



Entrepreneurial Spark: Let’s take a break from the weather and listen to News Report. Today we can hear all about a successful project to help entrepreneurs develop their business.



Experimental schools of the 1970s: In most schools, pupils have to follow the rules, behave well, and study hard. But in the ‘free schools’ of 1970s Britain, there were no rules, and often there were no lessons either.
This week’s News Report this week tells the story of Maureen Breen, a pupil at one of these schools. She talks about her experiences at the school and we hear what happened to her after she left.
You’ll hear some examples of used to + verb – try practising your pronunciation by pausing the audio when you hear used to + verb, and repeat the sentence a couple of times.



BBC News Report Jan 2015 Transcript Video


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