Apr 102015

Comets: The night sky has fascinated humans for years. Maybe you’ve looked up and seen a comet – sometimes called a shooting star – yourself. But you probably didn’t use a telescope like this one. Maybe you even saw it with the naked eye?



Dads attending births: Who is normally present when a baby is born in your culture? Of course the woman giving birth is there and often doctors, nurses and midwives. But what about the father? In the UK it hasn’t always been normal for dads to be at the birth. This News Report is about how this has changed over time.



If cars could run themselves: How would you feel if you were travelling in a car without a driver? This could really happen in the future if trials of a driverless car are successful. These vehicles could become so clever that they think for themselves and even create their own ‘babies’! Is this the stuff of science fiction?



Sharing accommodation: Going away from home to start at university is a big move for any young person. Sharing a room with another student is not unusual, but, because of a shortage of accommodation, some are forced to share a single room.



BBC News Report Mar 2015 Transcript Video


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