Oct 302014

To tip or not to tip, that is the question: Is tipping part of daily life in your country – or do you never leave a tip when you pay for a meal?



How fashionable is business?: For most of us, fashion is all about fun – clothes, catwalks and shopping. But for some, the fashion industry is a very serious business. This News Report looks at the business side of the fashion industry.



How dangerous are cats?: Cats are lovely, soft, cuddly animals and are the ideal pet for people who like to relax. Or are they?
In this News Report, we hear about an angry cat in the USA which trapped its owners in their bedroom.



Extreme commuting: Rob is a producer here at BBC Learning English. He likes his job, but he spends a lot of his day travelling. He journeys 20 miles to work and travels using 3 different forms of transport. What about you? What’s your commute to work or the place where you study?
Well, this week’s News Report is about extreme commuting – and you’ll find out about one very long commute.



Extreme commuting: Do you put on weight during the holidays? Is there an easy way to get rid of those extra kilos?
Food, food and more food. This time we meet Jagtar and learn about his interesting diet.



BBC News Report Oct 2014 Transcript Video


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