Dec 202014

BBC Short Dramas: A Christmas Carol 2 – The first of three spirits: Selfish businessman Ebenezer Scrooge receives a visit from the first of three spirits. This is the Spirit of Christmas Past.


good heavens! – a formal or old-fashioned way of expressing surprise; equivalent to ‘Wow!’
carriage – a vehicle that’s pulled by a horse
merriest – (superlative form of merry; comparative: merrier) happiest
warehouse – very large room where raw materials or manufactured products are stored
apprentice – someone who works in a company to learn their job
Christmas Eve – 24 December – the day before Christmas
obsessed – crazy about something; unable to think of anything else
torture – give pain to someone
greedy – somebody who is very, very keen on having a lot of money or food
rejected – not given the love and attention expected



BBC Short Dramas: A Christmas Carol 2 – The first of three spirits Transcript Video


BBC Short Dramas – A Christmas Carol

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