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BBC Short Dramas: A Christmas Carol 3 – The second of three spirits: Ebenezer Scrooge seems to be changing his ways. He has learnt a lesson from a ghost which took him to the past and now is ready to be visited by the Spirit of Christmas Present.


holly – a plant with green prickly leaves and bright red berries which is often associated with Christmas
arrogant – describes someone with a high opinion of their own importance or ability
humble – simple, not worth much money
crutch – support made of metal or wood which fits into the armpit and is used by people who walk with difficulty
disabled – has physical difficulties, for example, can’t walk
lame – unable to walk
feast – big and tasty meal with different kinds of food
a piece of my mind – to tell someone in an angry way that they disapprove of their behaviour
ignorance – lack of knowledge or education
want – need of basic things



BBC Short Dramas: A Christmas Carol 3 – The second of three spirits Transcript Video


BBC Short Dramas – A Christmas Carol

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